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Enviro trivia pong

Our game idea is based off of the popular drinking game beer pong. there will be no actual drinking of beer, but we were thinking of filling the cups with some sort of dark soda; possably mtn dew pitch black or something. there is still a few things that we have to work out, and we have to make up the questions. at the moment we are simplifying the instructions and we will probably be ready in 2 weeks, maby less. the materials we need are: a table, red solo cups, ping pong balls, and some sort of drink.

team members: Cyrus Romance, Dani Bates

our game idea

We are basing our game on a pretty popular game right now, have you heard of angry birds? Of course you have they are EVERYWHERE, even politicans lobby for angry bird breaks during work days! Just kidding I really don't know that but I wouldn't be surprised. Anyway, we are going to get the actual board game that is sold in stores and tape over all the pieces and turn the pigs into atmosphere CO2 and the birds will each represent some form of CO2 consumer to help eliminate CO2 from the atomophere, or something along those lines. We will have a anticipatory set that will explain the impact that CO2 has on the atmosphere followed by trivia questions that the kids will have to answer in order to obtain a bird. The triva questions will have basic questions that will be worth a smaller bird, moderate questions that will be worth a medium size bird, and some "hard" questions that will get the biggest birds. We will provide a template that shows the kids what to build so the actual game won't end in 30 seconds. We will hopefully be done in about two weeks from the lab today, as long as we can get the game soon. Good luck folks, it's a well known fact that angry birds is the new zombie epidemic.

Love Krista and Terri

Team: Megan & Kara

 Progress Report:


We are thinking of doing an environmental game based on an existing game.



We have chosen the existing game already

Will have it finished by next lab class

Have played it successfully once by the due date



Poster board


*team Megan Shoal and Kara Kuntz


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Apple app

We were thinking of doing an Apple application.

It would be an insanely complicated game that would blow your mind out of your skull.

Really, it's very simple. It teaches you the fundamentals of recycling and how to lower your carbon footprint? RECYCLE! 

The resources we need are a computer programmer, or an app creator.  If we cannot find a programmer, we will creat the game using real life objects for the students to play.

The timeline for us to get all of our items will depend if Ken Carbarle finds us a programmer by next week, we will start finding the resources we need for the real life game.


Good Luck to everyone because you are going to lose! #Winning!

Team names: Luis ELizondo, Brenden Bertrand, Brittany Holte and Zombie girl Abbie Naze 


Spanish translation:

Estamo pensando en crear una applicacion de Apple.

Va a ser una applicacion increiblemente complicada que va hacer tu mente explotar.

En verdad, es muy simple. Te ensena los fundamentos para reciclar y como reducir tu huella de carbon! Recicla!

What you want from timing game teams

Idea: We're going to create a board game, and throughout the game there will be opportunities for participants to land on  trivia questions, along with gender related categories, activity cards, truth or dare, as well as some fun facts all related to biology, pollution, chemestry, etc. The object of the game is to collect as many chips as possible and be the 1st one to finish.  Wrong answers could set players back, while right answers will set them forward, or give them a chance to set others back.

Resources: We will need materials for the board game (poster board), along with dice, color coded index cards, sand timer, chips, game pieces and stuff for activities (still brainstorming those).

Time Line: Not exactly sure, but probably close to the end of November, beginning of December.


Sydnie, Stevie, Julia, Kayla (?)

Team: Noelle Warner & Allyssa LaRose

1. The Game of Life or DEATH: There will be two different paths to choose from. One path is harmful to the environment and the other is to the benefit of the environment and yourself.  The players will not know which path is good or bad in the beginning. Throughout the game, players will have to choose cars, houses, etc. and each will come with its own carbon footprint number. Each player will start out with a certain amount of money and there will be opportunities throughout the game to earn more money and to also spend it. During the game the players will be able to choose whether or not they want to improve their carbon footprint but they will have to pay for it. Whoever makes it to the end with the smallest carbon footprint wins.

2. Resources: poster board, THICK paper, markers/colored pencils, dice, glue, paint, game pieces?

3. Timeline: By November 8,  Allyssa will have the board finished, Noelle will have the cards finished, and together they will have the rules finished.

"Wind Me Over"

Idea: "Wind Me Over" is a board game about a ship voyage to certain destinations. There will be 4 to 6 players, and each player will draw a destination card. The color of their destination card is also the color of the route that they will take in order to get to that destination. Each player will draw a card during their turn that indicates the number of spaces to move along their route. The game will include westerlie and easterlie winds that will work with and against their route. Doldrums or horse lattitudes will act as "jails" on their route and they must skip their turn twice. If a player lands on an "island space" they must re-fuel and skip their next turn. We will try to incorporate biomes, maybe at 0 degrees they are affected by a heavy rainfall and must move back 2 spaces, etc.

Resources: Tri-fold cardboard poster (science fair board), ship figurines, paint, paintbrushes, colored index cards
We plan to buy all of the items needed, and we will save the receipts for reimbursement.

Timeline: We believe it will take 2-4 weeks to complete this project. We do not expect it to take any longer. We plan to work in lab and together one weekend to get everything accomplished.  


Anna Barlet and Kelsey Wingo

Kia and Megan's Game

1. Summary: Our game takes place in a gym and is a highly active game. In this game, you are trying to clear your atmosphere from CO2 that is dominating it. There are 2 teams, team combustion and team decomposition. On each teams On each teams side, there is a hula hoop (representing that teams atmosphere) and inside are several balls (representing the CO2). The goal of the game is to get all the CO2 in the other team’s atmosphere without getting tagged. When tagged there are consequences to pay, making the game more challenging!

2. Resources: So far, we believe that our resources can be found in any gym, we will let you know if this changes.

3. Timeline: We believe we can finish our game in approx. 2 more weeks of lab.

Megan and Kia  

Gaming idea

We are doing a version of bingo. We will provide bingo cards with terms on  them and the teacher will read a series of questions. If you have the answer on your card you mark it off. At this time we do not need any supplies. I think we should need 2 more class periods, maybe 3.

Craig, Michaiah, Dustin

Game start..

Idea: We would like to make a game that involves the whole class selecting one of three character types. Each character type would produce something that another character type needs, while at the same time needing something from the other character type. (Ex: A produces 1’s but needs 2’s, B produces 2’s but needs 3’s and C produces 3’s but needs 1’s) with each turn they have the chance to either trade esources with any other player or take resouces. They can only take resources that they do not need (Ex. B can only take 1’s).  There will be an incentive for having excess amounts of what you don’t need, but we haven’t worked that out yet

Resources: The full extent of the resources are not known at this time. While we are making the game in way that can be played completely on paper right now, we may want to switch to a physical playing area at some point.

Timeline:  By next week, we will have figured out if the math required can work in a way that allows the game to played and completed in a timely manner. (i.e. class period) The overall production of the game could be very time consuming.

Jake Flaten and David Yeomans



First around the board wins, 2 draw piles, deck one(good) deck two(bad), you have the choice of which one you want to draw from, on the good deck there will be scenarios were you do something good for the earth and you will move 2-4 spaces, on the bad deck there will be scenarios of you doing something that benefits you and not the earth and you will move 1,5, or 6 spaces but less of the 5 and 6. (or 2-3 for good, and 1 or 4 for bad)

Resources: white poster board

Timeline: 2 weeks

Group: Brody A. ,Mikel C. , Brandon J

Biology Lab Game

Our group's idea is Biology Checkers. The regular rules of checkers but with a twist. Each box contains a question that you have to answer to move to that space. Its easier questions in the middle of the board and gets harder as you get close to the kinging positions. If you get the question right, you earn that space. If you get it wrong you lose that turn. When you get a jumping oppurtunity you have to answer where you would land. All questions are biology related.

We need a checker board game and index cards for our game.

We are guesstimating 3 to 4 weeks to complete our project.



Team awesome's plan

Our game is going to be a card game to simulate the cost and use of natural resources. It will involve the many different types of resources, and the players will have to figure out the cost of using each resource and will be fined for pollution or excessive use of none renewable resources. For resources we will use business cards for the actual cards and use a computer program to design the cards. I might have business cards at home but if not I will save the reciept for you. The other resource we would like is to possibly laminate the cards if this is possible from the college. For our timeline we would plan on spending roughly two weeks setting up the rules, another lab period designing the cards, and a fourth to simulate and fix any errors that may arise. We could do some of these tasks outside of class if necessary but like to have at least three more lab periods to complete this.
Courtney and Nick


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