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Fall 2014


So the Transformation Jinx seems to have been removed and a quick look at the plates indicates the expected results!  Kind of like Christmas morning to a molecular biologist---peeking into the incubator to see what Santa has brought...YEA!  See discussion handout linked below and look at your plates soon!


Check out these awesome resourses:  

DNA Learning Center

IFL science :)



Syllabus 2014

General expectations

Powerpoint lectures:

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecuture 4

Lecture 5

Lecture 6

Lecture 7 Tutorial on electrophoresis here

Lecture 8

Lecture 9

Lecture 10

Topics Lists for Exams

Topics 1



Lab syllabus: here

Lab 1Bacterial Transformation/DNA IS the genetic material

Transformation animation here   Transformation discussion handout: here  Great video about GFP: here

Lab 2---Plasmid DNA purification 

Lab 3--Analysis of the pGLO plasmid  Good video on restriction enzymes: HERE (scroll in about 3:50 minutes).







More terrific animations here!

The Meselson-Stahl Experiment


Animation   Essential Biochemistry - DNA Replication

DNA replication 2



Lab 1--

Lab 1 discussion--be sure to have gone over plates from lab 1 before you come to lab for experiement 2.  I expect group discussion!

Lab 2--PGLO plasmid purification

Lab 3--Using Spectrophotometry to analyze plasmid DNA/Setting up restriction digests of plamid

Lab 4--Analysis of restriction fragments

See your electrophoresis results here.

Lab 5--purification of GFP

Lab 6--Bioinformatics/PCR primer design---I will bring printed information. Please bring your own computer if possible.  

pGLO sequenc


Lab 8--Endpoint PCR

Lab 8 part 2 agarose gel

Lab 9  real-time PCR

Lab 9--analysis (additional graphs will be given in lab)




Good website for GFP info:




Exam topics lists







Lecture handouts week of 2-22-10 molecular documents week 3-22-10


lab 7 posted below


Total points at mid term: 222


topics list topicsexam2

molecular 2010 syllabus

Molecules of the cell--Reading

GFP readings

lactoferrin gfp  pGLO lactoferrin

walnut GFP.jpg  walnut GFP




Syllabus  MOLECULAR LAB.-lab 2010

Lab 1-- PDF lab1   or Word doc lab1transformation2010

Lab 2Lab 2 plasmid pure


Lab 4lab 4 plasmidanalysis-week 2.doc

Lab 5lab 5 gfp purification

protein gel picture

-Native gel picture from previous  year's class.  Lane 1 is protein marker, the rest of the lanes are lysates from E. coli transformants. Our gel did not run far enough to see many bands or to resolve the molecular weight marker.

protein gel

Lab 6molecular lab 6 2010 part 1

Lab 6 part 2molecular lab 6 2010 part 2

Lab 7lab7 real time PCR








The Meselson-Stahl Experiment

Animation   Essential Biochemistry - DNA Replication

Protein Synthesis Animation

Semi-conservative replication animation link here--check out protein folding! Scientific Video Site

Telomerase demos


Horn Lab - Projects



lecuture summary page