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Welcome!!  You have successfully located the coursepage for Concepts of Biology/Biol 111.   This page will  be a "one stop location" for information regarding the course.   If possible, all links to course information and resources can be located and reached from within this site.  Make it a bookmark on your computer or the computer you use regularly!


  • Final exam:  Total points=99 since one question had a typo that made none of the answers correct.
  • Be sure to check back for information regarding final grades.
  • Note---the first 27 lectures are linked as attachments at the bottom of the page.


Office Hours: MWF 8-9 am

SI Sessions MTuTh 6-7 pm

Room Cyril Moore Science Center---Room 211


Accumulated assignment points through Week 14 (4 exams + 11 labs):  565 points


Textbook Reading

Chapter 1-12

Chapter 14

Chapters 15-16 (limited pages)


Syllabus for course here:  Syllabus Concepts of Biology (Biol 111) Fall 3013

Paper 1--read by Friday, Aug. 30

Paper 2 (website) or PDF--read by Friday Sept. 6th, 2013

Exam 1 guidlines

Exam 2 guidelines

Paper 3---read by Wednesday Sept. 25th

Paper 4---dog genetics


Lecture 28

Lecture 29

Lecture 30

Lecture 31

Lecture 32

Lecture 33

Lecture 34

Lecture 35---Part 1 Part 2 Part3


Discussion presentations

Discussion 1

Discussion 2

Discussion 3  Fun stuff

Discussion 4---



Textbook companion website





Exam related material

Scantron example

Exam 1 guidelines (also see details in content lecture 8)

Exam 2 guidelines 

Exam 3 topics/guidelines

Exam 4 topics/guidelines  

Exam 5 topics/guidelines

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