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Fall 2018


Point total as of 8-30-2018= 5.  Anticipated total points = 510.


Lecture 1



Lecture Documents/Assigned Reading

Syllabus  Fall 2018

lecture summary page






Replication 1

Replication 2

Exam Prep

Topics lists

Exam 1 topics list


Practice Problems

Problem Set 1  Problem set 1 key/answers

Problem Set 2  Problem set 2 Key/answers

Pedigree problems--including X-linkage

Hemophilia story--questions

Problem Set 3    Problem set 3 key/answer

Problem Set 4--linkage/recombination mapping.    Linkage problems answers



Below this line---Ignore!  Old material


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lab material


Lab Syllabus

lab report guidelines

Preparation for Lab 1--Part 1

Preparation for Lab 1--Part 2

Lab 1---Chromsomes and Mitosis

Pointers for first lab report

Example lab report

Lab 2 Meiosis Part 1

Lab 2---Meiosis Part 2--


Lab 3--Mendel Part 1

Lab 4 reading    Corn data: here  Lab 3-4 guidelines

Lab 5 ---Varaiation in Drosophila/X-linked genes/Chromsome mapping

Lab 6--Human traits

Lab 7--gene pool/population genetics

Lab 8--Bacterial transformation "seeing the genetic material at work"  Transformation discussion--Here

Lab 9---Determinining your PV92 genotype---PCR and genetic polymorphisms.  PCR LECTURE

Lab 9 part 2---analysis of PCR products.  It is essential that you are prepared for this lab.  Read your lab handout from Lab 10- Part 1 to refresh your memory of PCR and to begin to understand the dimorphic nature of the PV92 locus.  PV92 has 2 alleles. Predict  your genotype.  Review animation on electrophoresis. 

Electrophoresis animation:

Gel pictures HERE







Dog gentetics paper (optional reading) 


Lab 6---Drosophila part I

Lab 7---take home lab on Polygenic/Continuous traits

Lab 8---Drosophila part II and Introduction to recombination mapping Part I and Part II.

Lab 9---Bacterial transformation---"seeing" the genetic material.

Lab 10 Transformation data and  discussion questions  AND Drosophila Part III 

Lab 11--Polymerase Chain Reaction--determining your PV92 genotype

100 bp ladder

1 kb ladder


View Animation---Transcription (prokaryotes) and more Transcription (eukaryotes)


Protein Synthesis Animation--translation


Electrophoresis animation:




Problem sets/questions

problem set 1

Ch. 2 multiple choice

Problem set 2    Problem set 2 

---Fly data here!

Lab 1  Mitosis  documents

Lab 2-- Meiosis Part 1






Lab 3-4 report guidelines

Lab 5 materials--Drosophila part 1


Lab 7--Human traits in a population/understanding gene/allele pool

Guidelines for Lab 6-7 report

Lab 8---  We will be studying a polygenic/quantitative human trait related to fingerprints.

Lab 9---Molecular genetics--Bacterial transformation  After overnight incubation please use this handout to observe your plates.  

Lab 10--Polymerase Chain Reaction--determining your PV92 genotype