Genetics Course Page Spring 2015

Genetics Course Page

Spring 2015



Good job in lab.  See pointers for lab report.  Keep up with lectures, and reading.  Assignment on GMOs due Monday in class.



Lecture material

Syllabus 2015

lecture summary page

Point total as of 1-14-15=5.  Anticipated total points = 500. 




Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecture 4


Lab material

Swain 306 availability---Swain 306 is the location of A and P I and II labs: Tuesday (8-3) and Wedesday (9-3).  Students utilize the lab room to study.  You are always welcome to use the room when labs are not being taught.  (Even if other students are using it to study A and P).   Occasionally, a first-aid class is taught in the room on Fridays.

Lab syllabus

lab report guidelines

lab report example 

pointers for lab 1

Jan 15---Preparation for Lab 1

Lab 1---Mitosis/chromosomes







----------------------------------Below this line, please ignore-------------------------------------------------




Dog gentetics paper

Hemophilia pedigree exercise here   

Paper on X-inactivation   






Animation   Essential Biochemistry - DNA Replication


     View Animation---Transcription (prokaryotes) and more Transcription (eukaryotes)





Problem sets 

problem set 1 

problem set 2  

Problem set 3 

Linkage mapping problems    Key here.


Topics lists

Genetics--topics exam1-2014.doc

Topics list exam 2

Topics list exam 3

Topics list exam 4

guidelines for final


Lab 2 documents  


Lab 1 Quiz/Practical guidelines         Key here:

Lab 3 materials

Lab 4 materials    Excel spreadsheet with class data: HERE

Guidelines for lab 3-4 report: HERE

Lab 5 document   Excel table of traits: Here

Lab 6 document

Guidelines for lab report 5-6: Here

Blood typing protocol PDF blood typing protocol

Lab 7 documents

LAB 8 Documents   additional Handout here

Bacterial Transformation: Post lab discussion HERE

Youtube video HERE  Written assignment Here


Lab 9--PCR

View/print for lab 9 preparation



Lab 10 --DNA Gel Electrophoresis (analyzing PCR products)














Guidelines for the final exam here! You will not have to memorize the genetic code!  You will get a copy of the genetic code.

3-point mapping data here!

Gel pictures below

100 bp ladder





Lecture 31

Lecture 32

Animation   Essential Biochemistry - DNA Replication

Lecture 33

Lecture 34

Lecture 35

















Lab 8 Fingerprint Lab-TRC

presentation about quantitative traits here

Lab 9 Bacterial Transformation    

Post lab discussion here

Lab 9.5 We will wrap up lab 9 today.  Please review your plates before coming to lab.  Use the discussion handout linked above.

We will also use the time to collect data on F2 flies.  Again, I expect that you will have collected some data on the F2 flies before lab on Thursday.

See handout give in class Monday---here.


Lab 10--PCR

View/print for lab 10 preparation
















Lecture 33       


      Animations-PCR   animations--Transcription

Data from Fly mapping experiement.  Use it to attempt a map of the 3 genes (order and distances).  


Protein Synthesis Animation--translation

Electrophoresis animation:



































1 kb ladder

100 bp ladder