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Genetics/ Biol 215

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Fall 2016

–Exams are always returned in class-- usually with an an announcement of  when they will be returned in previous lectures.
–I bring the exams once.  If you miss that class, please come to my office for your exam.  NOT picking up your exam is usually a red flag---a sign as student is not doing well.  Everyone should know their running total of points/grade as assignments/grades accumulate. (See assigned points link below)


Point total as of 9-28-16 =125.  Anticipated total points = ~500.

Assigned points/grade calculator: Here



Lecture 8

Lecture 9

Lecture 10---Only a few new slides----review before printing.  Many slides same in Lecture 9

Lecture 11

Lecture 12

Lecture 13

Lecture 14

Lecture 15


Lecture Documents

Syllabus  Fall 2016

lecture summary page

Assigned Reading

Lichen partnerships paper

Dog gentetics paper (optional reading) 




Exam Prep

Topics lists

Topics exam 1

Topics exam 2

Problem Practice

Super's problem set 1       Key to problem set 1

Supers problem set 2

Lab material

Lab syllabus

Preparation for Lab 1--Day 1

Lab 1--Mitosis

lab report guidelines

lab report example

Lab 2 Meiosis Part 1

Lab 2---Meiosis Part 2--grasshopper slides


Lab 3--Mendel Part 1

Lab 4 materials--Mendel Part 2/Evaluating data

Lab 4 excel file: HERE





-----Below this line---Ignore!  Old material-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



View Animation---Transcription (prokaryotes) and more Transcription (eukaryotes)


Protein Synthesis Animation--translation


Electrophoresis animation:

Assigned Reading


X-inactivation paper

BRCA1/2 penetrance paper


Lab material


Problem sets/questions

problem set 1

Ch. 2 multiple choice

Problem set 2    Problem set 2 

Hemophelia practice

More pedigree practice

Linkage problems    



---Fly data here!

Lab Syllabus


Preparation for Lab 1--More instructions will come Wednesday, Sept. 2nd, in lecture.

Lab 1  Mitosis  documents

Pointers for first lab report

Lab 2-- Meiosis Part 1





Lab 3/4 data in excel format

Lab 3-4 report guidelines

Lab 5 materials--Drosophila part 1

Lab 6--Human traits

Lab 7--Human traits in a population/understanding gene/allele pool

Guidelines for Lab 6-7 report

Lab 8---  We will be studying a polygenic/quantitative human trait related to fingerprints.

Lab 9---Molecular genetics--Bacterial transformation  After overnight incubation please use this handout to observe your plates.  

Lab 10--Polymerase Chain Reaction--determining your PV92 genotype

Lab 10 part 2---analysis of PCR products.  It is essential that you are prepared for this lab.  Read your lab handout from Lab 10- Part 1 to refresh your memory of PCR and to begin to understand the dimorphic nature of the PV92 locus.  PV92 has 2 alleles. Predict  your genotype.  Review animation on electrophoresis.

100 bp ladder

1 kb ladder