Genetics Course Page Spring 2015

Genetics Course Page

Spring 2015

PV92 Genotyping


Noon Lab

3 pm Lab




ANNOUNCEMENTS--Final exam Wednesday, May 13th. 10 am-noon.  

Guidelines here

Exam 4 results

EXAM 4                                             









Drosophila mapping data: here (AND BELOW IN LAB SECTION)


Lecture material

Syllabus 2015

lecture summary page

Point total as of 3-31-15=260.  Anticipated total points = 500. 





Lecture 22      Hemophelia paper   Hemophilia pedigree exercise here

Lecture 23   

Paper on X-inactivation

Lecture 24

Lecture 25

Lecture 26

Lecture 27

Lecture 28

Lecture 29

Lecture 30

Lecture 31

Lecture 32

Lecture 33

Lecture 34


Problem sets 

problem set 1   Problem Set 1 KEY/Answers

concept questons 1 Answers here

problem set 2      Problem set 2 key/answers

Concept questions 2   Answers here

Pedigree practice packet

Concept questions 3

Problem set 3 (partial answers here)

Linkage mapping problems Anwers here


Topics lists

Topics list exam 1

Topics list exam 2

Topics list exam 3

Topics list exam 4

Lab material

Lab syllabus

lab report guidelines

lab report example 

pointers for lab 1

Jan 15---Preparation for Lab 1

Lab 1---Mitosis/chromosomes

Lab 2---Meiosis---part I 

Lab 2---Meiosis---part II 


Lab 3 materials

Lab 4 materials

Guidelines for lab 3-4 report: HERE     Excel spreadsheet with class data: HERE

Lab 5---Drosophila melanogaster--introduction

Human Genetics lab announcement.       Lab 6 materials        Blood typing protocol PDF blood typing protocol   Pooled class data here

Lab 7---Drosophila II---X-linked genes and mapping.

Lab 8  I will also continue with background for maoping experiment.

Guidelines for lab report 6/8 (Human genetics/population genetics)

Lab 9 (powerpoint) and Drosophila document

Lab 10---Bacterial transformation 

Bacterial Transformation: Post lab discussion HERE

Drosophila mapping pooled data: Here

Lab 11--PCR

 PCR---day 2.

View/print for lab 11 preparation


Lab 11-part II.  DNA gel electrophoresis to analyze PCR products and PV92 genotype.

Electrophoresis Animation

100 bp ladder


----------------------------------Below this line, please ignore-------------------------------------------------





Dog gentetics paper






Animation   Essential Biochemistry - DNA Replication


     View Animation---Transcription (prokaryotes) and more Transcription (eukaryotes)


Animation   Essential Biochemistry - DNA Replication













guidelines for final



Lab 1 Quiz/Practical guidelines         




Lab 5 document   Excel table of traits: Here

Lab 6 document

Guidelines for lab report 5-6: Here


Lab 7 documents

LAB 8 Documents   additional Handout here


Youtube video HERE  Written assignment Here




Lab 10 --DNA Gel Electrophoresis (analyzing PCR products)













Guidelines for the final exam here! You will not have to memorize the genetic code!  You will get a copy of the genetic code.

3-point mapping data here!

Gel pictures below






















Lab 8 Fingerprint Lab-TRC

presentation about quantitative traits here

Lab 9 Bacterial Transformation    

Post lab discussion here

Lab 9.5 We will wrap up lab 9 today.  Please review your plates before coming to lab.  Use the discussion handout linked above.

We will also use the time to collect data on F2 flies.  Again, I expect that you will have collected some data on the F2 flies before lab on Thursday.

See handout give in class Monday---here.


Lab 10--PCR

View/print for lab 10 preparation
















Lecture 33       


      Animations-PCR   animations--Transcription

Data from Fly mapping experiement.  Use it to attempt a map of the 3 genes (order and distances).  


Protein Synthesis Animation--translation

Electrophoresis animation:



































1 kb ladder

100 bp ladder


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