BIOL 111

FALL 2017

BIOL 111 - Concepts of Biology Course Page


Notice: The extra credit project is finallly available. Sign in to Blackboard and go to the Exams link to take the Information Literacy quiz posted there. The quiz will be available until December 10 at midnight.


Notice: Exam 4 covers chapter 8 (genetics - for extra practice, do the problems linked to below), chapter 11+12 (evolution)


Lecture: MWF 12-12:50 CM16      Instructor: Dr. Alex Deufel

Labs:      M 1-2:50                         Dr. Super           All labs are held in Swain Hall 304
               T  1-2:50                        Dr. Keller
               W 10-11:50                    Dr. Super
               W 1-2:50                        Dr. Keller
               Th 10-11:50                   Dr. Keller
               Th 12-1:50                     Dr. Keller
               Th 4-5:50                       Ms. Ihli



Lab Manual  - new copy to reflect corrected dates of labs!


Online Book    


Gentics problems online