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BIOL 221 Syllabus     


This is an online course based on your textbook. It contains the entire book as an e-book, a glossary with pronunciation guide, flashcards, bone, muscle, and histology tutorials, online tutors, practice quizzes, and many other things.

You will need to register the first time you access this online material.

For registration, you will need the student access code that comes with your book. You will also need the course ID number MAPDEUFEL59605. If you have an older version of the book, or you bought your book used, you can purchase access with a credit card during registration. However, I do not require you to do so.

Supplemental Instruction (SI): A&P is a difficult course in which many students struggle to learn the material. That is why we offer study sessions ouside of regular class time. SI sessions are regularly-scheduled, informal review sessions in which you can compare notes, discuss readings, develop proper study skills, and predict test items. You will learn how to integrate course content and study skills while working together. The sessions are facilitated by SI leader Laura Hellmuth, who has done well in the course and will help you meet the expectations for the course in a non-threatening environment. She took the course very recently and has many useful pointers for you.

SI teaches you how to learn while teaching you what to learn.

SI sessions will generally be held:Wednesdasy 2-3pm, Swain 314 and Fridays 10-11am, Swain 306.

Drop-In Tutoring Schedule: CETL

Sample Exams: Since these are old exams, you may find some questions that cover material we didn't go over this year. Ignore them.
exam 1 2008, exam 1 2009
exam 2 2007, exam 2 2008
final 2007, final 2008

Lecture recordings can be found on Blackboard here. Instructions on how to log in. Look for the "Tegrity Class Recordings" link on the left.

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