BIOL 220

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Dr. Deufel is NOT currently teaching this course

BIOL 220 Syllabus 

Medical Terminology Exercise (pdf)

Chapter 2: the atom; covalent bond; ionic bond; polar molecules; hydrogen bond; carbohydrates; lipids; proteins 1 and 2 ;  
Chapter 3: fluid mosaic model; passive transport; active transport; Na+/K+ Pump; Endocytosis/Exocytosis 1 and 2

Sample Exams: since these are old exams there will be some questions on material we didn't cover this semester. Simply ignore these questions.
exam 1 2008, exam 1 2010   
exam 2 2007, exam 2 2008
final 2007, final 2008

Lecture recordings can be found on Blackboard here. Instructions on how to log in. Look for the "Tegrity Class Recordings" link on the left.

The following links point to various websites where you can practice your histology (chapter 4 in your book) knowledge: